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Dark Angel: The series that made Jessica Alba famous...

"The escape was not my idea. I thought... Flee! Where!?! We did not know at all that there was something else... "

With these sentences begins one of the best and most outstanding Science Fiction series of the last years, which brought it within only two relays on such a high level, as one saw it so far rare.

Responsible for the extremely high quality and the success of the series are above all two persons: Creator and producer James Cameron and the great Jessica Alba, which immediately conquered the heart of millions of fans with its wonderful representation of max...

In the pilot film, that David Nutter ("you wars we also still!") produced, the spectator perfectly into the world by "Dark fishing rod" is inserted. The America of the near future is coined/shaped after a notice of terror by chaos, corruption and force and everyone tries to pierce somehow and its luck find. Max one, which was bred in the gene laboratory "Manticore" and before ten years as well as some their brothers and sisters flee could, works now at the bicycle courier service "Jam Pony" and tries besides the other fleeing to find, to which she has still no contact. Pursued of Colonel Lydecker, which would like to absolutely again catch its "Kids", she tries to lead a normal life and to shake the shade off of their past. When max wants to then steal an at night with a break-down a valuable statue, somewhat completely unexpected happens. It meets on the idealists Logan Cale, which will change its life in a way, as she did not consider it possible so far...

Already equal to beginning of the series the enormous Potenzial becomes clearly, which hides itself still behind the Story. Also the figures max and Logan were outstanding written and developed, so that the identification factor is quite high. Which makes these figures "material" in such a way, the personal pain, which propels it, is their moral sense of responsibility and its suppressed longing after love and affection.

In addition come a unique atmosphere, outstanding and pointed dialogues, aufwaendige window blinds, an imaginative Action and the two pleasant actors Michael Weatherly and Jessica Alba, between which chemistry is correct from the outset.

A completely special highlight are also always the scenes on the space Needle, if max tries the events to process and clarity for itself to win. These scenes with a very emotional music, which pulls one immediately with a mixture from pain, hope and melancholy in their spell, are underlaid, and which much succeeded the basic tendency of the series shows.

"Dark Angel" is in the television landscape still somewhat completely special and complex, dragging along and sensitivly produced stories one certainly still the more frequent one to inspire. And they will remain always unforgotten probably...

"The life continues." - Max

Source: Comment by willtipin (Tim Fischer) on 2005-04-09 on the discussion about Jessica Alba on kinokai.de.
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